Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine's Day Shopping for baby Maggie....Amazon Shopping

It is that time of year again.  Time to do a bit of Valentine's Day Shopping for the little one in my family.  Maggie, who is just about 5 months old.  Let's stop by Amazon and find a few choices for the big day.
Can't go wrong with a good book.....


Maggie has started teething early.  She already has two teeth and I am sure will soon be working on more.  She chews on everything.  With that in mind lets take a look at teethers.



How about a Valentine's Day outfit?.....


Last but not least a just for fun item to consider....


Ok, now I have a choice to make.  What are you getting the little ones in your
life for Valentines Day?

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shopping for a new Ceiling Fan for my study.

Yes, I need a ceiling fan and light for my study.  This is what I have now...

  I am off to google to do a search...
  This one is nice but might be a bit much in a small office.

  Caleb would love this.  Does not fit my personality:-)

  This one I found under modern and contemporary.
I am not sure if I am either:-)
Then I found one I loved. $770.00, a bit out of my price range.  I will keep searching.
Happy Shopping Everyone!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In the Kitchen....Cutting Boards and Knives

I was just posting on a new recipe...New England Style Fish Cakes on my other blog.  I was thinking, as I did this, it may be time to go shopping.  It seems there is always a need for cutting and dicing in these recipes so it is high time for a new cutting board....

Yummy Fish Cakes

It is always good to have a sharp knife....
This is the one I have and it is wonderful.  Someday, I hope to have an entire set of this brand knives.
This knife is great for dicing shallots...see how to here..."How to dice shallots"
Happy shopping everyone!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shopping Quotes I like from Pinterest

This got me thinking.  I have a pair of white summer pants and a print red and white top.  I think I will wear it tonight:-)
Happy Shopping...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Media Motivation Lets go shopping....Fashion ideas from "A Deadly Grind" by Victoria Hamilton

I just started a new book.  "A Deadly Grind" by Victoria Hamilton.

I am listening to it on Audible.  So far it is an easy and entertaining listen.  I was motivated by an auction they were attending in the book.  As they listed the items found at this auction, chandelier earrings were mentioned.  I thought to myself "here I am nearly 60 years old and i have never had a pair".  Well, that was about to change....
I consulted the web...
First off what are they?  Here is what Ross and Simons has to say about the Chandelier Earring...
"Popular as they are today, these earrings have a history that stretches back to ancient Greece. In fact, archaeologists there uncovered gold filigree chandeliers with enameled rosettes and tiny shell pendants that were determined to be from the fifth century B.C. Chandelier earrings from the third century B.C., again of gold filigree, were also discovered on the east coast of Turkey. Further examples of this style — with emeralds, sapphires and pearls added — were dated from A.D. 600. When it comes to a classic look, does it get any more authentic than that?"  Ross and Simons 
Now it is time to consult Amazon and here is what I found.

The first one I came across was a bit pricy.  Pretty, but way out of range for me.  Ok lets get real and move onto a more reasonable price.
                         Much better $26.00:-)
Here is the one I decided on...

I love to be motivated by the things I read and today I was motivated to buy earrings.  Can't wait to wear them.
Happy Reading and Shopping.  
I will leave you with some humor I found online

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let's Go Shopping.....Polyvore and Amazon Winter Fashion Adventures

I am getting ready to go to a weekend Winter Festival.  This would be a fun outfit to wear...
Let's see if we can find a duplicate on Amazon.  Just click on the photo for more info on each item...
Love the sweater...

I think I will order the scarf..

As far as the pants go I will probably go with a dark wash jean...

I love the boots.  I already have brown boots in my closet.  Good to shop your closet first.

Nice purse...

These earrings would look nice too:-)

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day Shopping with the help of Polyvore

I had some alone time on Christmas morning and decided to do a little Christmas shopping from an idea I found on Polyvore.  Come shop with me...
Ideas from Polyvore
Let's look for Christmas Day sales on Amazon.

Such a cute stocking!


Why are fake flowers so expensive???

Decided on a white chair rather then a red.  Not many of us could get away with a red chair:-)

I love this pillow.  It would look great on the white chair.


Now is a good time to get some deals on Amazon for next Christmas.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Happy Shopping Everyone